This year, we are asking for individual registration and payments. World Finalists, Brazilian Medalists and Women will not pay the registration fee. You can get some discount if you opt to register to SBC during the school registration process (there is no auto-renewal requirement) or if you are already a member.

Registration process

This year we will have two distinct classes, and you should opt for them during the registration process.

World Final Class

This class will have up to 100 students, and we will invite one international experienced instructor per week to teach and create the contests. This class will be taught in English.

Registration to this class will be prioritized by the following criteria

  1. You are a 2023 World Finalist
  2. You are a Brazilian Medalist (top 12 in the Gramado's 2022 Brazilian Final)
  3. You are classified for the 2023 IOI
  4. You performed really well in the Brazilian's Sub-Regional ("Primeira Fase")
  5. You did not participate this last season, but performed well in the past (was a finalist or medalist, for example)
  6. You are invited by the organizers

If you think you have a previous accomplishment compatible to any of this list, you can register to the World Final Class and explain you accomplishment. We will evaluate it based on the availability of slots.

Brazilian Final Class

This class will have up to 100 students, and we will focus on the next year Brazilian Finals. You should be able to compete next year. This class will be taught in Portuguese and will be exclusive for Brazilians.

Registration cost

Category Registration
Women* free
2023 World Finalist free
Brazilian 2022 Medalist free
Brazilian 2022 Regional Champion free
Others See Below

*Our goal is to enhance the experience of women in the Brazilian ICPC Summer School and thereby increase the number and impact of women in Computer Science. Registration is free for all women.

Women, World Finalist, Brazilian Medalists and Brazilian Regional Champions must finish the registration on the system choosing payment with "Boleto Bancário" and not pay. After that, just wait, we are going to remove the payment requirement for you.

Category Price
High school, Undergrad or Graduate Student associated to SBC with paid annual fee R$ 400,00
High school or Undergrad Student not associated to SBC or with annual fee expiring in 90 days (Best Option: Registration + yearly association to SBC) R$ 428,94
High school or Undergrad Student not associated to SBC R$ 469,00
Graduate Students not associated to SBC (Best Option: Registration + yearly association to SBC) R$ 518,18
Graduate Student not associated to SBC R$ 559,00

Non-exempt students selected in the first call must pay until November, 21st, 2022. Not paying will make them lose their spot in the School and opening the spot for a second call. Non-exempt students selected in the second call must pay until December, 3rd (or until November, 30th if paying by "Boleto" or debit card).

Our cancelation policy is the following: until December, 16th, 2022, you can return 80% of the value paid in the registration at school. After this date, no value will be returned. In order to request the cancelation of your registration, please write an email to

Pre-registration required

All participants must pre-register in our online form. Only pre-registered participants will be able to register into SBC website.

After being selected in the pre-registration, the student will receive an invitation letter and must register in the SBC registration website. Students that were not selected should not register. We will accept only students with an invitation letter from the organizers. Registration must be done until November, 13th, 2022.