Certificates are now avaliable!

The Brazilian ICPC Summer School 2023 is executed by the Brazilian Computing Society (about SBC) and hosted by Unicamp during two weeks from Jan 23rd, 2023 to Feb 4th, 2023. Our main goal is to train ICPC World Finalists and Future Brazilian Finalists. This year we will split the group into two classes, the World Final class and the Brazilian Final class.

All interested students should register individually through our online system. If you have a team, all three members should register individually. The registration fee will cover food expenses. ICPC World Finalist going to Egypt in 2023, Brazilian "Maratona de Programação" Medalists of the last Brazilian Final (Gramado, 2022) and female students are exempt from the registration fee (but still must register).

This edition will have lectures from Monday to Saturday. Each Thursday will be dedicated to our sponsors.

Don't forget to follow our Facebook page and our Instagram account for photos and events announcements.

You can also follow our lectures through our YouTube Channel.

Any questions, please contact us: maratona@ic.unicamp.br. Fell free to write us in Portuguese if you prefer!