We, the participants, volunteers, organizers, professors, media, sponsors, and other individuals involved with the Brazilian ICPC Summer School 2023, come together for the open exchange of ideas, the freedom of thought and expression, and for developing our skills, which is central to the goals of this School. This requires a community and an environment that recognizes and respects the inherent worth of every person.


All participants, volunteers, organizers, professors, media, and sponsors (referred to as “Participants” collectively throughout this document) at our School are equally subject to this Code of Conduct.

Organizers will enforce this Code, and all Participants are expected to cooperate to help ensure a safe and inclusive environment for everyone.


The Brazilian ICPC Summer School 2023 commits itself to provide an experience for all Participants that is free from the following:

  • Harassment, bullying, or discrimination, which includes but is not limited to:

    • Offensive comments related to age, race, religion, creed, color, gender (including transgender/gender identity/gender expression), sexual orientation, medical condition, physical or intellectual disability, pregnancy, or medical conditions, national origin or ancestry.
  • Intimidation, personal attacks, harassment, unnecessary disruption of talks, or other School events.

  • Inappropriate or unprofessional behavior that interferes with another's full participation, including:

    • Sexual harassment, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, inappropriate physical contact, unwelcome attention, public vulgar exchanges, derogatory name-calling, and diminutive characterizations.
    • Use of images, activities, or other materials that are of a sexual, racial, or otherwise offensive nature that may create an inappropriate or toxic environment.
    • Disorderly, boisterous, or disruptive conduct, including fighting, coercion, theft, damage to property, or any mistreatment or non-businesslike behavior towards participants.


If a Participant engages in any inappropriate behavior as defined herein, the Brazilian ICPC Summer School 2023 organizers may take action as deemed appropriate, including: a formal or informal warning to the offender, expulsion from the School, barring from participation in future Schools or their organization, reporting the incident to the offender’s local institution, or reporting the incident to local authorities or law enforcement. A response of "just joking" is not acceptable. If action is taken, an appeals process will be made available. There will be no retaliation against any Participant who brings a complaint or submits an incident report in good faith, or who honestly assists in investigating such a complaint.


The Brazilian ICPC Summer School 2023 encourages all Participants to immediately report any incidents of discrimination, harassment, unprofessional conduct, and/or retaliation so that complaints can be quickly and fairly resolved. All complaints will be handled as confidentially as possible, and information will be disclosed only as necessary to complete the investigation and bring it to resolution.

If you have concerns related to your participation/interaction at the School or School events, observe someone else's difficulties, or have any other concerns you wish to share, please contact Prof. Rafael Schouery (rafael@ic.unicamp.br) or Prof. Sandra Avila (sandra@ic.unicamp.br).