This year, we are asking for individual registration and payments. World Finalists and Brazilian Medalists are will not pay the registration fee. Brazilian Computer Society Members will get 20% discount on registration. You can get some discount if you opt to register to SBC during the school registration process (there is no auto-renewal requirement).

Registration process

This year we will have two distinct classes and you should opt for them during the registration process.

World Final Class

This class will have up to 90 students and we will invite one international experienced instructor per week to teach and create the contests. This class will be taught in English.

Registration to this class will be prioritized by the following criteria

  1. You are a 2019 World Finalist
  2. You are a Brazilian Medalist (top 10 in the 2018 Brazilian Final)
  3. You are registered for the 2019 IOI
  4. You are invited by OBI
  5. Your team solved, at least, 7 problems in the 2018 Brazilian Final and is still able to compete next year

If you think you have a previous acomplishment compatible to any of this list, you can register to the World Final Class and explain you acomplishment. We will evaluate it based on the availability of slots.

Brazilian Final Class

This class will have up to 90 students and we will focus on the next year Brazilian Finals. You should be able to compete next year. This class will be taught in Portuguese.

Registration cost

Category Registration Transportation Housing Lunch Dinner
Brazilian World Finalist free included stippend included included
Brazilian Medalist free no no included included
Brazilian Regional Champion free no no included included
World Finalist free no no included included
Others early R$300.00 / late R$350.00 no no included included

We are still finishing our budget. We will define the stipend in January.

If you are a World Finalist or Brazilian Medalists, you must finish your registration on the system without payment. After that, just wait, we are going to remove the payment requirement for you.

For the Brazilian World Finalists, we are going to provide transportation. Do not buy any kind of transportation by yourself. We will not reimburse you in such case.

Pre-registration required

All participants must pre-register in our online form. Only pre-registered participants will be able to register into SBC web site.

Students selection process

As stated previously in this page, we required pre-registration from all students. In the previous years, we used the first come firt served (FIFO) method. We did not considered that method good enough.

We decided to split thw school into two classes and we are processing the list into rounds.

  1. First round: about 70 students for the World Final Class
  2. Second round: about 70 students for the Brazilian Final Class
  3. Third round: 15 students for the World Final Class
  4. Fourth round: 15 students for the Brazilian Final Class
  5. Fifth round: the remaining students for both classes

We choose to split the call because we know that some students will not fill their registration and we need time to process the list and create aditional backlist of students for the next phase.

We are sending emails for each round to the selected students. So far, we are in round 2, I have just send the second round email.

If you have not received emails yet, we kindly ask you to wait. We are at our speed limit and answering messages both through email and Facebook is taking more time that could be used to speedup the registration process. We also receive emails of people that made mistakes in the registration forms (like a team that split the registration into two classes). Some of these mistakes can be fixed, some can not.

We intend to finish the registrations by December 10th.