How to participate remotely on our school

We are streaming live all our school lectures and we also allow people to compete remotely. To participate, you will need to:

  • Register online to get updates through this Form. We will keep you posted about news and updates after you register.

  • Watch Live Lectures through our YouTube Channel. This will open a YouTube video containing two conflict messages. The black outside frame will say that there is no online transmission. But the internal frame will say that there is one live transmission, click on it. All our lectures start at 8:30 AM GMT-2. All lectures are stored and can be viewed latter.

  • Do not miss our Day by day section. We keep it updated with links and content we distributed.

You can also:

  • Join our mailing list through Google Groups. We will send announcements through this list. Please, read the previous posts on this list to get some general information.

  • Follow our Facebook page where we post some last minute information.