We are fully booked now. Our registration system is closed while we wait for some confirmation. You can now register in the waiting list.

This year, we are asking for individual registration and payments. We do not impose any restriction for registration but we advise that the problemsets and training level will follow ICPC World Final.

World Finalists and Brazilian Medalists are will not pay the registration fee. Brazilian Computer Society Members will get 20% discount on registration. You can get some discount if you opt to register to SBC.

  Brazilian World Finalists Brazilian Medalists World Finalist (not Brazilian) Others
Registration (for food expenses) no-fee no-fee no-fee early R$200.00 / late R$250.00
Transportation included - - -
Housing stipend - - -
Lunch included included included included
Dinner included included included included

If you are a World Finalist or Brazilian Medalists, you must finish your registration on the system without payment. All Brazilians World Finalists received an invitation letter and they should attach this invitation letter to the system. Other Latin American students should send me an email after registering. Do not pay! I will mark your registration as complete without the payment.

We are still finishing our budget. We will define the stipend in January.

Important information about the registration process

As already mentioned, we invite all Latin American World Finalists to the camp and we also invite the Brazilian Medalists. We also open free extra slots. This year, we will manage both lists together through the SBC system through invitation letters. If you receive an invitation letter, you should upload it and your registration will be accept. If you do not have an invitation letter, you still can register but your registration will only be accepted after the first week.