Local Information


Our laboratories and classrooms are located in the Institute of Computing, building IC-3. All meals will be served at the University Restaurant.

How to arrive in Campinas?

Our nearest airport is Viracopos (VCP), served by the following airlines: Azul, TAM, Gol, e Avianca. There is a direct bus line from the airport to downtown and central bus station managed by LiraBus (previously Caprioli), or you can take the city bus line 193 to the central bus terminal and bus 330 to Unicamp. A taxi from the airport to Unicamp will cost around R$120,00. We also have Uber in Campinas.

If you prefer flying to São Paulo, you can take a bus from LiraBus (previously Caprioli) to Campinas bus station, and take a bus to Unicamp (332 and switch to 330).

If you arrive by bus, you can take the bus 330 to Unicamp.

You can also visit Unicamp web page for more bus line information: Acesso à Unicamp.

We have Uber operating here in Campinas. Use the promotional code ncjcb to get 2 x R$14,00 discounts. If you are traveling in groups, get one registered using this promotional code than use the first user´s promotional code to invite the others.


We recommend that you visit Morar Unicamp to select a place to stay and directly contact them. We do not cover housing expenses. We will provide local student contacts to the registered students so you can arrange cheaper places to stay.

If you want to stay in a hotel, you should look at Matiz or CPV - Casa do Professor Visitante (inside the campus, 150m from Institute of Computing).

Local Map

You can find local attractions in this map.

Organizing Committee

The organizing committee is composed by Rodolfo Azevedo (UNICAMP), Ricardo Anido (UNICAMP), Diego Aranha (UNICAMP), Rafael C. S. Schouery (UNICAMP) e Carlos Ferreira (USP).