Closing Remarks

The Brazilian ICPC Summer School 2018 was organized by the Brazilian Computing Society and hosted by Unicamp during two weeks from January 22nd to February 3th.

This year, we started with 90 spots in our school and got fully booked in less than 8 hours, and a waiting list of more than 100 students. We increased the number of spots to 105. From these 105 students, 23 will attend the World Finals in China.

Student participation since 2012 edition: Student Participation

Two lectures helped us organizing these weeks, Mikhail Tikhomirov in the first week and Tomasz Idziaszek in the second week. You can learn more about then in our instructors page.

During two weeks, we hosted 10 lectures and 10 contests. Students were challenged by 102 problems in the first week and 45 problems in the second week. All lectures and problem discussions were streamed live through YouTube. You can review all problemsets and videos in our Day-by-day page. You can submit solutions to all problems through Codeforces and SIO2 system.

Our Facebook page has several pictures of the events. Please, share your pictures with the hashtag #BrazilianICPCSummerSchool or tag our page in your online album.

We could not host this great event without the support of our sponsors: Google, Movile, iFood, Sympla, Ingresso Rápido, Rapiddo, PlayKids, and Microsoft. The first week was named Movile Code Week and we had a talk and challenge from Microsoft in the morning of January 25th, than we had Movile Group talk and challenge at the afternoon of 25th followed by a dinner at the iFood office. The second week was named Google Week and we had a talk from Google in the morning of February 1st.

Behind the scenes we had four student monitors: Elaine, Ivan, José, and Rafael, who arrived early and stayed latter than anyone else.

We hope you all enjoyed and have great results in your future programming competitions! Have a safe trip!

Week 1 Group Picture: Week 1 Picture

Week 2 Group Picture: Week 2 Picture